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Our Range


Letizza Bakery are dedicated to creating the very best foodservice frozen pizza bases in different sizes to meet different customer and foodservice needs. Our foodservice products are:

  • High Quality
  • Handcrafted
  • Convenient
  • Easy to prepare
  • Cost effective
  • Available Australia Wide

Our foodservice range includes:

  • Pre-baked Gourmet Pizza Bases – range of different flavours
  • Gluten Free Pizza Bases
  • Vegan Dough Balls
  • Piadina – thin folded Italian Flatbreads

Our pre baked pizza bases and flat breads are quick and easy to prepare. The serving options are only limited by your imagination. The Letizza bakery frozen pizza bases are available in thin and classic bases, and a size range from 2” right up to 14.5”.

We also make a large rectangle slab bases in two sizes, Gluten free pizza bases in a range of sizes and a delicious café product named Letizza Piadina, which is a thin Italian flatbread, a perfect fill and grill option to suit all foodservice industry chefs.

Our aim is to make your life easier as a chef within a busy kitchen, Letizza pizza bases have a 1 year shelf life from production date.

The Letizza products will be a convenient addition to your menu, less waste and easier ordering and stock control.

Whether you’re a food truck, restaurant, café or event catering company we have you sorted with our range of premade pizza bases to help cater your events in no time.


Below you’ll find all the details about our wide range of foodservice products. Alternatively, we invite you to download our foodservice brochures:

If you would like to know more about our pizza base range, flatbreads or dough balls and what we can offer the Australian chefs in the foodservice industry please contact us.

We can also arrange for one of our national sales team to visit you to discuss your options and show you our range of foodservice products.

Perfect results, every time


Our entire range has been crafted to be versatile, incredibly quick and easy to prepare and serve, with endless topping options for you to try. Check out our recipes page for some great ideas and inspiration!